The ArriveCAN form for Canada

The ArriveCAN for Canada form is required for every visitor entering Canada since its introduction in 2021. The Canadian government decided to implement the ArriveCAN Declaration of Health to ensure the safety of the general public and to keep the Covid-19 situation in the country under control. Each traveller is required to complete the ArriveCAN form with the required details, including basic personal and contact information, details of their intended stay in Canada, as well as certain health and Covid-19 related details. The ArriveCAN Health Form must be completed within 72 hours of the expected arrival in Canada. The form is available entirely online and confirmation of its completion – the ArriveCAN receipt – is issued to each traveller by email as a PDF file. Canadian customs officials will verify that each traveller, regardless of vaccination status, has the ArriveCAN receipt when entering Canada at any border point.

Who should complete the ArriveCAN form for Canada?

Anyone planning to visit Canada by air, sea or land must complete the ArriveCAN form online. Canadian customs officials will verify that you have confirmation that you have completed the online form before you leave. Be sure to complete the ArriveCAN form with the required details no later than 72 hours prior to your intended time of entry into Canada to receive confirmation of completion by email in time.

How to complete the ArriveCAN health form

The ArriveCAN health form can be completed online, which should be done within 72 hours of the expected time of arrival in Canada. The ArriveCAN Health Form requires that you provide some essential travel details:
  • Personal information (such as name, surname, date of birth, passport details, address)
  • Contact information (phone number and email address)
  • Details of travel to Canada (including address for stay in Canada, details of how to get to Canada, e.g. flight information, purpose of stay, etc.)
  • Covid-19 information (information on vaccinations and tests)
  • Health status
  • Possible quarantine plan (if you need to take a quarantine period while in Canada, you will need to let the Canadian government know if you will have a place to stay, access to food, etc.)
After providing the details listed above in the ArriveCAN online application form, submit your application and let the Canadian government process it. By submitting the online application, you will receive the ArriveCAN completion receipt, which is sent to each traveller by email. Be sure to double-check the details provided before submitting your completed ArriveCAN Declaration of Health, as all information provided must be correct and up-to-date for the Canadian government to consider it valid and relevant.

Canadian Declaration of Health form requirements

To complete the Canadian Declaration of Health form, travellers must :
  • meet current requirements for entry into Canada
  • have an active email address
  • have an internet connection
  • have any working device to complete the process
Please note! As the application process is online, a stable internet connection, a working device such as a phone, laptop, PC or tablet, and an active email address are essential to complete the ArriveCAN application process.

Requirements for travellers entering Canada

The Government of Canada has a number of requirements in place for travellers entering Canada. It should be noted that requirements may change over time and it is best to check with the Canadian Embassy or the official Canadian government website for the most up-to-date information on current entry requirements. Currently, Canada only allows fully vaccinated travellers to enter Canada, while non-fully vaccinated travellers can only enter under specific circumstances. Fully vaccinated visitors are no longer required to be tested prior to departure, as are all travellers under the age of 5, or between the ages of 5 and 11 if accompanied by a fully vaccinated adult. Travellers who are not fully vaccinated and are entering Canada under one of the few exemptions listed, must undergo a Covid-19 test prior to departure and comply with all requirements listed by the Canadian government, which may include a 14-day quarantine period. A requirement for all travellers, regardless of vaccination status or age, is to complete the ArriveCAN health form when travelling to Canada during the Covid-19 pandemic. Be sure to complete the CANArrive Health Form within 72 hours of your expected time of entry into Canada in order to receive the CANArrive receipt by email in time.